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This is what you should do for your favorite yacht

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The maintenance of sports boats is often overlooked by many shipowners after water carnival. In fact, these seemingly cumbersome maintenance details not only affect the performance and life of sports boats, but also help to eliminate potential safety hazards. Moreover, the maintenance cost is definitely far less than the maintenance cost caused by lack of maintenance, so it's right to pay attention to maintenance.

1.Clean the hull regularly

The first important thing is to clean the hull regularly. If the sports boat is placed in the water for a long time, or has just finished cruising for a long time, the hull will often accumulate a large amount of salt slag and marine life, which will cause corrosion on the hull and metal parts, thus significantly affecting the performance of the boat. When cleaning the hull, it will be better to cooperate with special boat detergent.

2.The boat mask provides good protection

Sports boats are best parked in garages, awnings or enclosed buildings.

3.Cover with a mask

However, if the conditions do not allow it to be placed outdoors, you must remember to cover your boat with a mask to provide effective protection to avoid the aging of the boat accelerated by the sun and rain.

4.Lift or stow the engine for storage

If your favorite boat is an outboard boat, you need to disassemble the propeller regularly to check whether there is fishing line wound around the propeller.

If you don't use the sports boat for a long time, the best way to maintain the engine is to disassemble it and store it in the cabin to avoid oxidation and corrosion. If it is not removed, it is best to lift the engine to avoid the propeller being soaked in water for a long time.

5.Overwintering maintenance

The extremely cold snow and ice weather will bring great harm to boats and trailers. If we do not pay attention to their maintenance, it will often directly affect the boat use in spring.

Engine cooling system, generator cooling system, air conditioning cooling system and fresh water supply system are all important maintenance objects. Before the engine and generator enter winter, let fresh water flow into the seawater circuit, check antifreeze and sacrificial anode against electrochemical corrosion, remove accumulated salt and spray protective agent.

6.Electrical equipment maintenance

All electrical equipment on the sports boat should be kept open and running once a week when it is not used for a long time, so as to drive away the moisture on the line.

7.Check metal parts regularly

Even if your boat has been thoroughly inspected before leaving the factory. However, with the passage of time, some bolts, nuts, bolts and hardware may loose, fall off, be damaged, be aged and show cracks in the process of using boats and tugboats. Therefore, check the tightness of bolts and nuts regularly.

8.Jiaoyi soft-mounted nursing maintenance

● Dust removal and cleaning should be done regularly to remove bacteria, dust and residues and stains left by food.

● For soft clothes, use special cleaning agent to wipe, wax or polish regularly.

9.Off-season maintenance

If you don't use the sports boat for a long time, it is wise to remove the battery and keep it at home.

10.Fuel stabilizer

It is easy to deteriorate when the fuel in the storage tank is not used for a long time. Adding fuel stabilizer into the fuel tank is a good solution.

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