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8.5m Full Cabin Boat


The Profisher model boat is designed with a special structure to help you go out fishing in rough water, and could help you keep stable when it stops, the ballast tank will fill in seawater when the boat is at stopping state, it will keep the boat from swinging. When the boat starts to run causing the bow to rise, the water will drain away from the tank at transom hole. It won’t carry the additional weight. There would be big fuel tank for extended adventures away, from the family long weekend, to serious game fishing exploits. The V hull design at bow to provide good ability to break wave, the flat transom to help save power running in the sea, it also means the good fuel economy provides longer distance off shore and less limits of larger launches. The profisher model is the complete package with superb handling and a touch of luxury. It is a professional fishing weapon not only for fisher but also for family enjoying the weekend. The big sliding window provides bright view, ample resting room at bow provides comfortable situation for children and adult sleeping. There is huge deck on the back to contains 6 to 7 fishers on it together without disturbing each other.

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