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Maintenance method of fishing boat outboard machine

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If you have your own fishing boat, but you don't use it frequently, we need to maintain the main engine on the fishing boat. The specific maintenance methods are as follows:

Clean the exterior of the engine with clean water and thoroughly flush the cooling water system. Allow the water to drain completely. Wipe off all surface water with oily rag.

Drain all fuel from fuel lines, fuel cocks and carburetors and clean parts including screens in fuel cocks.

Disassemble the carburetor, remove all dust inside and clean it with gasoline and compressed air.

Remove the spark plug and fill it with engine oil or antirust agent for storage. Pull the recoil starter handle several times to circulate the oil to the internal parts.

Apply grease to the propeller shaft.

Replace the gear oil in the gearbox.

Apply grease to all sliding parts, bolts and nuts.

Wipe off all water and salt on electrical parts with a dry rag.

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