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Don't set sail in a hurry, and there are still these preparations that can't be ignored before going out.

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When you are looking forward to going on a boat trip, you find that the whole trip may be delayed or even cancelled because of some problems with the sports boat, and you can't be wronged! Therefore, the routine inspection and preparation before departure is even more important, which can not only effectively reduce problems and ensure comfortable sailing, but also further ensure the safety of sailing.

1.Make a clear checklist

Create a complete routine checklist before sailing, so as not to miss some important inspections and tests before sailing every time.

2.Make sure that the bilge sewage drain plug is fastened tightly

Forgetting to plug the drain plug into the drain hole is one of the operations that many people will neglect. This is a very serious mistake, so it must be included in the checklist to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by negligence.

3.Check the battery

The state and storage of batteries is one of the important inspection items. If you don't confirm it clearly, you will find that the battery is dead or has some faults before playing the boat, which is simply a bad dream.

If the battery cannot be charged, it is necessary to start fault rejection to determine whether there is an open switch or other current consumption. Or check whether the wires have contact problems and whether the metal parts are corroded.

4.Test bilge pump

Inject a small amount of water into the bilge, and turn on the switch of bilge pump until the bilge water is completely drained to ensure its normal operation.

5.Engine oil inspection

Whether your ship is equipped with inboard, outboard or outboard engines, it is best to follow the procedures in the owner's manual to check the oil dipstick and see if the oil level is within the proper range. It's best to pay attention to the change of oil level during boat play. If the oil consumption is too fast, it may be that the seal somewhere in the engine fails or there is a problem with the operation of the engine, resulting in excessive fuel consumption.

6.Choose the right oil

Engine can be said to be one of the most expensive components of sports boats, and it is very important to select suitable engine oil for it. Therefore, it is best to select the appropriate oil type according to the owner's manual.

7.Test control system

Turn the steering wheel and joystick before departure to see if the control is smooth and will not affect the normal operation of the engine.

8.Check the fuel level

Judge whether the fuel is enough to support your whole boat trip, and then decide whether you need to add fuel before departure.

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