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Bladecraft 8.4m Aluminum Boat

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Swedish classic axe head design, smooth appearance, good wave-breaking, superior navigation performance;The cabin space is large, with independent toilet, leisure area, rest cabin, independent toilet can be removed;Box-type seats are set on both sides of the rear deck, and folding chairs are set in the middle, which can be removed;Tail diving platform design;Built-in radar base;The style can be extended to 6 meters boat.

Product Description

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Series: Bladecraft

Model: B840

Hull length: 8 m

Width: 2.55 meters

Matching horsepower: 250-350 HP

External unit: 25 "shaft length

Fuel tank: 390 L

Warranty period: hull 3 years, accessories and paint 1 year

Features and Options

Boat hull and deck
Tempered Cabin Glasses
Marine Door with Lock
Anchor Well
Hand Rails
Radar Holder
Side Storage Trays
Battery Swtich
Navigation light
Anchor Light
Bilge Electric Pump
Marine Toilet
Rear Seats Removable
Transducer Mount Bracket
Rear Aluminum Hatches
Marine Horn
Washing down pump kit
Paint(Two Tones)
Marine Driver Seat
Berths with cushions
Led Cabin Light
Sliding Window
Electric Wiper
Switch Control Panel
Offshore Hatch
Cabin Door
Under Floor Storage Tank
Vinyl for Console

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