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Advantages of catamarans

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1. Smooth sailing brings comfort and fatigue.

The tilting degree of a sailing catamaran is only 5-10 degrees. By comparison, the average tilting degree of a monohull with keel ballast is 30-45 degrees, so the comfort brought by the smooth sailing of catamarans can be felt in many aspects:

-It's not easy to get tired. It is very difficult to stand when the monohull is tilted over 35 degrees, so at this time, you only have to sit, and your body is actually confronting gravity. This fatigue factor can easily lead to the captain's misjudgment and serious consequences on the conventional sailboat.

-No matter whether you are anchoring, sailing or driving, you will not feel tired when cooking, reading or repairing on a ship that is almost level.

-you don't have to put everything away every time you start sailing. Only in gale and windward environment will there be a little turbulence, but it is much better than a single sailboat.

Also, most ocean voyages often go downwind, and the difference between a smooth catamaran and a swaying monohull is even greater. The probability of seasickness on catamarans is greatly reduced.

2. Won't swing at anchorage.

We found this to be of great practical value. We can anchor and rest at anchorages which are not suitable for single ship anchoring because of the influence of sea waves or passing ships, so that even in the busiest summer, we can always find anchorages.

3. Cruise in shallow water area.

Because the draft of catamarans is shallow (which means the depth of water needed to float the catamarans), you can cruise and anchor in shallow water areas where the catamarans cannot enter. The draft of catamaran varies from 1 to 4 feet, depending on whether it has small fins or plugboards, and also related to its own size.

Emphasize that catamarans with shallow draft can enter anchorage in shallow water area and stay away from crowded ships. In this way, you have more freedom of choice.

4. You can sit on the beach.

If your catamaran has small fins or is designed to sit on the beach (with elevators and reinforced bottom), you will have more anchorage options-very suitable for swimming. We have been to many shallow bays, except those where people are camping and kayaking. Even in the main summer cruise season, we play like this: when the boat sits on the beach at low tide, we jump off the boat and stroll along the beach to collect oysters and dig clams.

5. Good sight of driving deck cabin.

Another great advantage is that you can enjoy 360 panoramic views from the deck of most catamarans. In general sailboats, you are at the bottom, and the height of the port is even or higher than your line of sight. You can't see anything when you walk into the boat, and it feels like being trapped in a cage.

6. Large space.

Because of the wide deck, when you go outside, you can enjoy the real space from the driver's seat which is spacious enough for a chair or hammock to the trampoline at the bow.

7. Privacy

Our ship is connected with the cockpit by two independent hulls, and almost three ships are combined together. Even those catamarans whose hulls are integrated through the cockpit have good privacy as living rooms because of their large separation space. Separate inner cabins and toilets are set in the corner of the hull, far away from the lively places such as living room and dining room.

8. Safety

The catamaran will not sink and you will not be thrown into the water.

Catamarans have many advantages in safety. First of all, the smooth sailing mentioned above allows people to make better decisions when there are problems.

Secondly, catamarans have true positive buoyancy due to the light wood or foam structure and the fact that there are usually several watertight cabins. This means that the catamaran will continue to float even if there is water through the hole due to collision or damage to the sea valve. Unfortunately, this is not the case with monohull ships, where you only have a few minutes to react to breakage and water inflow, or risk abandoning the ship.

Finally, it is easy to stand firm without much action on board because of smooth sailing. However, most fatal accidents on board are caused by "too many people on deck", and the risk of such "too many people" accidents is small because there are few actions on catamarans.

9. Faster.

Speed is not only what our competitive catamarans are after. Speed can make you cross the voyage faster, make you go to more destinations on weekends or cruises a week, or make you feel bright in your partner who is anchored in the same place because you arrive faster.

Sailing at the right wind speed, we can surpass most monohull ships below 40 feet (unless they also use engines, but rarely do so).

Finally, it is very interesting to be able to run 7 knots at 10 knots.

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